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Welcome to the Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) Website (Closed)

Please note that this site is being kept for posterity by The UK Archive


What is the Manchester Independent Economic Review?

The Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) consisted of a Commission of prominent economists and business leaders, supported by a Policy Advisory Group and Secretariat, with responsibility for commissioning high quality evidence-based research to inform decision-makers in Manchester.


What will the Manchester Independent Review Provide?

The Review provides a fresh economic narrative which will both inform and raise the level of debate regarding the economic future of the Manchester City Region within the economic development community.


  • A shared evidence base which can be used to underpin policy choices regarding future priorities for strategic investment and to bridge some of the persistent gulfs in understanding what exist in the Manchester City Region (and in other City Regions), about how regional economies grow.


  • An accessible and updateable evidence base at a more detailed level than has previously been achieved in order to support policymakers.


  • A shared view of the future development of the City Region’s economy including the longer-term drivers of change and factors facilitating responses to future external changes and shocks.


For the terms of reference please see the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of this page.